MSC Service Focus Areas + COVID-19 Services and Support

McLaughlin Sports Consultancy’s project history is expansive and varied, however our core business can be clustered into 3 focus areas – Organisational Reviews; Organisational Capacity Building; and Sport Education. The recent COVID-19 shut down within sport has prompted MSC to partner with Sportspeople Recruitment to offer a new service – simple, fast, user-friendly business plans for sport organisationsdelivered in just 3 weeks.

An unprecedented period of crisis management brought on by the COVID-19 shut down has forced most sport organisations to implement a series of necessary, short term tactical and ad-hoc change. For most organisations these sudden changes have been transformational, increasing their willingness to explore new ideas and structure, and in many ways, a catalyst to bring the future forward.

Post COVID-19 sport organisations need to think and act differently, with a focus on growing and engaging both traditional and non-traditional markets. There are five easy steps to ensure your organisation is best positioned for business continuity:

  1. Be clear on what business continuity means for your sport and your organisation
  2. Evaluate your current strategic plan and be willing to walk away from it
  3. Despite the uncertainty, create your business continuity plan now
  4. Align your organisation to the business continuity plan
  5. Develop a revised longer term strategy

Where to start?

McLaughlin Sports Consultancy and Sportspeople Recruitment have a long standing partnership providing the sector with fit for future purpose organisational planning and operating model services.

We are pleased to announce the new Sport Business Continuity Plan – a simple, fast and more affordable than ever service designed to help national, state and local sport organisations develop a user-friendly plan to set the path for recovery. The focus is on a number of key areas, what the organisation NEEDS to keep doing, stop doing and start doing in the short term (e.g. 6-12 months) and how they can go about making this happen in order to thrive long-term.

We know you’re budget conscious now more than ever, so we’re pleased to announce every Sport Business Continuity Plan commissioned between now and December 31, 2020 will benefit from a 50% fee subsidy using funds from the Sportspeople Recruitment Employer Assistance Package.

The Sport Business Continuity Plan process has a 3 week timeframe from start to finish:

  • Step 1: Project initiation webinar
  • Step 2: Digital survey
  • Step 3: Survey findings and opportunities summary
  • Step 4: Recovery planning design lab webinar
  • Step 5: Recommendations report, including key strategies and timelines (6-12 months and beyond)
  • Cost: $4,950 + GST, after applying $4,950 from the Sportspeople Recruitment Employer Assistance Package

Want more information?

If you’d like to find out more, have a detailed discussion or receive a detailed proposal for the Sport Business Continuity Plan please Contact MSC.

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