Organisational Reviews

Helping sporting organisations to implement structures and systems to allow them to more effectively and efficiently achieve their purpose is an extremely enjoyable and motivating aspect of our work. Depending on the size and nature of the organisation, and the Terms of Reference, our specialist team works with each client organisation to: Clearly articulate the purpose of the organisation within their current operating environment; Provide advice and direction relating […] Read More

Organisational Capacity Building

The term ‘capacity building’ describes a range of activities sporting organisations use to expand, change direction and/or perform more effectively. In essence, the term “capacity” relates to the ability of individuals and organisations to set and achieve objectives, perform functions and solve problems, in a sustainable manner. This is the basis of any well-functioning sporting organisation. Common projects our clients engage us to help them with […] Read More

Workforce Development

Effectively recruiting, training, supporting and retaining coaches, officials, administrators and other volunteers is critical to a sporting club / association / organisation’s success – now more than ever! This can also be a big challenge. Workforce development has been a passion area for MSC since its inception in 2002 – we are internationally renowned for the development and delivery of world-leading, sport specific, competency-based sport industry […] Read More