Organisational Reviews

Helping sporting organisations to implement structures and systems to allow them to more effectively and efficiently achieve their purpose is an extremely enjoyable and motivating aspect of our work. Depending on the size and nature of the organisation, and the Terms of Reference, our specialist team works with each client organisation to:

  • Clearly articulate the purpose of the organisation within their current operating environment;
  • Provide advice and direction relating to the organisation’s optimal governance structure and systems, to best facilitate the achievement of current and/or future organisational objectives, in a creative, efficient and cost effective manner;
  • Examine the extent to which current organisational structures and activities facilitate the effective achievement of the organisation’s purpose;
  • Review the current organisational staffing structure, roles, responsibilities and operational effectiveness, with the aim of  identifying the staffing structure required to optimise organisational outcomes;
  • Examine current levels of organisational investment against desired outcomes;
  • Develop ‘world leading’ governance / human resource structures and operating systems and innovative service delivery models; and
  • Assist the organisation to effectively implement endorsed Review recommendations.


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